Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator


Omnia.9 Technology in a 1RU Standalone Stereo Generator In some applications, it might make more sense to locate the main audio processor at the studios while the stereo generator and limiter live out at the transmitter site. This might include cases where the STL uses discrete analog or AES audio rather than composite, or situations where one primary audio processor feeds multiple sites such as satellite distribution. Omnia.9sg brings the same acclaimed clipper, limiter, and stereo generator technology in the Omnia.9 to a standalone box—but that isn’t all it does…We brought a few other tricks from the Omnia.9 along for the ride.


Composite embedding allows up to 140% L/R modulation at 100% total modulation.
Full IP remote control with remote audio streaming
Optional RDS encoder
Selectable SSB (Single Sideband) stereo encoder
Analysis tools for internal or external composite signals