Making your station social

Bionic Social - Welcome to the Social Studio

Bionic Social enables your studio to react to what listeners are talking about, liking, following and tweeting. It responds to the music you are playing with up to the minute information from both artists and fans. It knows which feeds to aggregate and route to each studio. Radical new social media tools extract compelling content, help build lasting relationships and put intelligent sorting, filtering, routing and publishing tools at your fingertips.  Making the great content Radio already has more readily available, shareable and discoverable across multi-platforms, welcome to the Social Studio.

Bionic Social is Broadcast Bionics' solution to making radio as social as possible. When combined with Bionic Talkshow it's easily the most powerful talkshow content management system you can find, it's an all in one integrated package and workflow.

Bionic Social manages all your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Google+, Email, commotion...) accounts in a way in which you'd never imagined possible so you find the best content for your show. Bionic Social makes images and audio created in your studio readily available, “likeable” and “shareable” through social media, websites and mobile. Bionic Social receives input such as instant messaging, thumbs up and down data, real-time polling, advanced visualisation control etc. and provides the ability for you to integrate this data into your own platforms outside the studio.

By understanding the context of the Studio operations and programme content, Bionic Social allows you to deepen the relationship with your listeners through relevance and engagement

Bionic Talkshow has not only made it easier for our presenters to handle calls & messages but also brilliantly integrates social media platforms all in one screen.

Muhammed Rafeeque, Channel 4 Radio Network, UAE

Bionic Social hasn't just opened the door on the engagement possibilities & studio workflows, it has ripped the freakin' roof off it!

Mike Heard, Solutions Architect, Mediaworks NZ


Bionic Social aggregates and discovers incredible Social Media and gives you collaborative tools to use content onair, publish to websites, mobile apps and visualisation.


Build a closer relationship with your audience. Bionic Social allows you to rapidly, respond, reply and retweet.  Post status updates as well as images, video and audio quickly, easily and directly from the studio.


Bionic Social allows you to understand the mood and mind of your audience. Identify what is trending with your listeners and immediately join in these conversations.