IP Routing


Axia xSelector combines the routing functions of an XY router control panel with the audio outputs of an Axia xNode - a dual-purpose device equally useful in studios, rack-rooms or transmitter sites.

Axia IP-Audio Driver

The Axia IP-Audio Driver lets you send and record single or multiple channels of stereo PC audio directly to and from Axia networks via Ethernet -- no sound cards needed.

Routing Control Panels

Fingertip routing control, just where you need it.

Pathfinder Routing Control

PathfinderPC and PathfinderPRO router control tools are an amazingly rich set of tools that can help you automatically customize and command your entire Axia network.

Pathfinder Core Pro

Routing Automation & Facility Management Appliance

Axia iProfiler Automated Program Archiving

iProFiler is the award-winning audio archiving software that integrates with Axia IP-Audio networks. Capture up to 24 simultaneous channels of Livewire stereo audio -- without sound cards!

Axia iProbe IP-Audio Network Management Software

An intelligent network maintenance and diagnostics suite that consolidates managing, updating, remotely-controlling and auto-documenting your Axia system into one easy-to-use software application.